XCU provides unique and flexible solution for Traffic (tunnels) and Marine & Offshore

News - April 26, 2018

The TunnelCam Ultimo did get a name change and is now being called XCU Fusion. It was originally designed especially with the harsh environment of traffic tunnel applications in mind introduced to operate in tunnels, but is not limited to that segment only.

The XCU Fusion can be used on the roadside as well, as a rugged fixed camera. It delivers high-quality, high-definition images. The remote zoom and focus lens guarantees the easiest installation and remote adjustment. Because of the included versatile mounting bracket, you will be able to position the camera in the exact horizontal and vertical angle needed for optimum view. The housing ships a nano glass window, thus avoiding the need for a fragile wiper. Not only does the XCU Fusion allow you to install an optical camera; models are available that add thermal vision by means of high end thermal imager. You can choose from models featuring optical, thermal, or both.

Next to the XCU Fusion Siqura recently announced the launch of the brand new XCU Compact. This Rugged Full-HD IP camera in stainless steel is designed to operate under the tough environmental conditions in traffic (tunnels) and marine (offshore) applications. The housing and brackets are made from high grade 316L stainless steel, powder-coated (RAL9016) for the best protection against corrosive substances The XCU Compact will come as an Optical camera with zoom lens and as Thermal camera with different lens options.