Trusted mobility security solutions, making travel and transportation safer for all.

Siqura’s mobility solutions cater for all forms of movement and transport including road, air, train, and waterways, with emphasis on monitoring traffic, anticipating incidents and spotting the tiniest details that could prove to be the deciding factor in a life or death situation.

Response time and efficiency are two major factors that are vital to the success of any surveillance system, so Siqura can proudly guarantee that its mobility solutions are designed to be the best in the business.

The complex network of airports, bridges, harbors, runways, terminals, metro systems and crossings can be tricky to navigate and oversee but with Siqura’s video management system, you are provided with an intelligent network that takes all factors into consideration.

All infrastructure can be monitored in a cost-effective way with our individual equipment that integrate to create a secure, safe and monitored environment. That is the promise with all Siqura’s mobility solutions.

Less operational costs and capital investments are added benefits when you partner with Siqura.

From Beijing down to Mexico and back to the Alps, our mobility solutions are utilized and trusted in metro systems, toll ways and tunnels. Our clientele trust us to come up with solutions that protect people and their investments.

Road transport

We cater for road transport and traffic infrastructure with:

  • Situational Awareness Camera Systems that integrate with traffic sensors to notify you only of incidents that require your attention.
  • Third party Incident Detection software to streamline traffic flow management.
  • Intelligent surveillance cameras and video encoders that transmit in HD formats.
  • Our video management system (VMS) that scan faces, license plates and objects.
  • Vandal-resistant cameras that function in ultra-low-light conditions.

Air transport

We cater for Air transport and traffic infrastructure with:

  • Thermal and optic sensors to guard the airside perimeters.
  • Automated alarm system for potential and current intrusions.
  • High resolution cameras and large zoom lenses for runway inspections.
  • Hybrid Optical-Thermal cameras for stop-bar monitoring to verify operations and to detect non-authorized crossing of stop-bars.

Railway transport

We cater for railway transport and traffic infrastructures with:

  • Intelligence algorithms that regulate traffic control and alarms.
  • Video streams of stationary cameras to help train drivers see the situations at crossings before arriving.
  • Optical cameras, thermal cameras and sensors for traffic controllers to work at peak performance.
  • Location-sensitive cameras for railway operators.

Waterway transport

We cater for waterway transport and traffic infrastructures with:

  • Advanced surveillance network that can integrate with the Supervisory & Control systems.
  • Hybrid thermal-optical cameras to monitor bridges & locks to ensure safety during opening and closing of bridges under all weather conditions.
  • Advanced interoperability with Video Management Systems.

Siqura aims to provide top notch efficient solutions for different mobility issues. We have continually delivered the best, cost-effective solutions that are tailor made to each client preferences.

We even have systems that integrate well with government systems. Our third party interoperability is second to none on the market.

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