Marine, Oil & Gas

High-risk operations depend on maximum reliability when it comes to security. The Marine, Oil and Gas industries are safer with our specially designed, tested and proven security products and services.

The Marine, Oil and Gas (MOG) industry is an ever-expanding world of drilling rigs, refineries and supertankers both on- and offshore. It can be aptly described as a field of high risk, but high reward. Siqura recognizes the importance of continuous monitoring on any number of operations involved on a daily basis, and how incidents can be a cause of public concern with immense financial risks involved.

Siqura aims to be at the forefront of digital solutions to help companies operate an airtight surveillance system for all MOG facilities both offshore and onshore. Our solutions range from highly durable explosion-proof and rugged stainless steel cameras, to intelligent software.

Siqura is an Achilles FPAL registered partner, which makes us the best option for digital surveillance solutions in the MOG industry. The standard of the Achilles FPAL award ensures that suppliers like us that work in high-risk and critical operations are sufficiently and independently audited to industry-specific standards.

Our MOG solutions are based on a complete portfolio of IP, thermal, and analogue cameras. The portfolio exists of rugged stainless steel ATEX and IECEx approved cameras, marine proof cameras with a DNV-GL certificate, or plain (commercially of the shelf) high-speed domes, fixed domes or bullet cameras. Together with our video content analytics (VCA) the solutions can vary from perimeter surveillance, fire detection, hotspot detection, flare monitoring, intrusion detection, process monitoring, and so on. All these images and features come together in our versatile video management system: Sense.


The Marine, Oil & Gas sectors can enjoy the benefits of:

  • Transmitting footage over vast distances with Siqura’s fiber optic equipment with no latency.
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection automated software for unmanned platforms and substations.
  • Monitor sensitive areas like helidecks, winches, loading docks and drilling rigs in untoward weather conditions with our explosion-proof surveillance cameras.
  • Night vision with ultra-low light areas.
  • Remote access to critical assets from secure platforms anywhere and anytime.

The 1100 Series Cameras

Tailor-made for the operator and control room purposes, the 1100 camera is ideally suited for indoor installations with the added benefits of the 3MP sensor and intelligent video analytics features for smooth operation.

Xtreme camera solutions

Our Xtreme camera solutions are the products manufactured specially for the MOG industry. Navigating surveillance in harsh marine environments was the inspiration behind the creation of the Xtreme camera series.

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