VDG Sense is the most flexible, creative and secure video management system in the field of security. Available for different video security solutions, this state-of-the-art video management system caters to any business wish or requirements by seamlessly integrating all components of a security network into a fully functioning system.

Live images and video data from one or one hundred cameras and other connected devices can be monitored from a secure, user-friendly interface that is also accessible remotely through web and mobile device. All the tools needed to run a seamless security network are embedded in the VDG Sense video surveillance system.

The open end platform of the VDG Sense interface allows it to integrate with any security device or video environment with the help of ONVIF support and a well-documented API.

VDG Sense key features include:

Integrated intelligence

Using advanced algorithms that endlessly analyze camera images and video data, the VDG Sense video surveillance system (VMS) takes note of unusual occurrences based on your filter settings to alert you of important incidents and their location.

The integrated intelligence feature in the video content analysis function of the VDG Sense can decipher and differentiate faces, objects, license plate numbers and scout for perimeter intrusion detection.

Customizable Interface

VDG Sense is not limited to a set of predefined settings. There is greater flexibility and room for creativity with VDG Sense. You can add playback or live video to your home screen, text labels to individual screens and a lot more.

With the personalized user interface, you can customize your dashboard to your preference. You get to choose the perfect layout depending on the business factors of your choosing.

Motion Detected Recording

SIQURA values the importance of storage space on a server. This is why VDG Sense includes motion detected recording to eliminate recording of irrelevant data. With this feature, the cameras only record data when motion is detected, thus making video content analysis easier on the unique storage engine.

Lightning Quick Response Time

VDG Sense does not primarily act as an alert system. With its integrated intelligence function, the VMS makes use of the macro engine to initiate a series of predefined actions, like enlarging the screen where a notable occurrence has happened.

This fast self-initiated response time helps you focus on the most urgent tasks in real time at every single turn.

Vendor Lock-In

VDG Sense VMS provides full integration with third-party cameras and encoders to promote a steady migration to IP-only installations.

MultiCasting & Dual Streaming

The dual streaming functions of the VDG Sense VMS ensure that both streaming video and recorded video are of standard quality and HD resolution respectively. With these differing formats, there is lesser demand on the network capacity.

Compared to the conventional streaming video capacity of CCTV, that uses up a lot of network capacity when accessed, the multicasting features of the VDG Sense VMS allows multiple clients to individually access the live streaming video by reducing network loads by up to 30%.