Tunnel safety solutions

In the past decade, there has been a global shift towards a high level of safety and security in tunnels due to increased traffic and advancements in technology. Safety systems are being implemented in regions like the Alps where an average tunnel has between 20-200 cameras in it. Other areas like the Nordics are expected to upgrade their tunnels with about 400 tunnels expected to undergo renovation.

Response time and efficiency are two major factors that are vital to the success of any surveillance system so Siqura can proudly guarantee that its mobility solutions are designed to be the best in the business.

From Beijing down to Mexico and back to the Alps, our mobility solutions are utilized in tunnels. Our clientele trusts us to come up with solutions that protect their investment and you can too.

Siqura manufactures products to cater for the tunnel safety concerns with incredible in-house solutions such as:

The pre-installed tunnel cameras are compact, easy to install and lightweight with differing aluminum and stainless steel build material that is perfectly suited for a bracket system. With the TunnelCam USPs, you can replace camera housing without compromising on mounting angles. It also possesses cabling and IP configuration that is supported by product warranty and support.

TunnelCam Ultimo Hybrid
Siqura can proudly boast of the best cost-effective version of the TunnelCam Ultimo on the digital security market. Our Ultimo Hybrid possesses the highest cross-sensor intelligence possibilities with the ability to divide the responsibility of the Automatic Incident Detection feature over different sensors on the same camera. Other features and benefits include:

  • Mix and match optical and thermal views.
  • Two camera sensors, four streams, 1 IP address.
  • Savings on infrastructure (fewer cables and switch ports needed).

Our portfolio showcases how we apply IP technology to benefit your business and infrastructure. With Siqura solutions, you can expect your business to grow while maintaining its security and the safety of your customers.

With tons of experience delivering the best tunnel cameras to different locations and businesses, we have identified the challenges and stress that a typical camera is bound to undergo during use.

From installations to routine maintenance and the general corrosive environment of tunnels, all these factors were carefully studied.

We are proud on the fact that we manufacture our very own TunnelCam; a robust camera solution made of stainless steel with a nano glass window to withstand any force. With Siqura, you are provided a tunnel safety solution that is pre-configured and can be installed straight from the box.

Lightweight and User-Friendly

Cables, IP configuration, and power supply tools are all included in the delivery box, making it the perfect tunnel surveillance camera. Its lightweight and user-friendly nature mean you do not need a crew to install. Our unique bracket system makes the TunnelCam ideal for walls, ceilings, and poles.

Mixed Sensor Functions

The TunnelCam Ultimo Hybrid is fitted with thermal and optic sensors for different views. In the case of heavy smoke and hotspot detection, you can count on the Ultimo Hybrid to communicate with your control room and locate heat sources even in heavy smoke.


We provide our clients with a specific tunnel safety solution based on factors that are related to your business needs. We have streamlined options or a custom assembly network that includes several connectors, cabling options, and cameras. Our uniqueness is in the totality of our packages.