Migration to IP

There are still many analogue CCTV systems up and running. In most cases the cameras keep on running while DVRs and multiplexers fail. A complete upgrade to a fully digital IP system seems a waste of money.

What does Siqura offer? A comprehensive and engaging step-by-step analysis of your existing system resulting in a phased plan to migrate to an IP based network. One could start with replacing the VCR recorders, with 16 channel rack encoders feeding the new IP based VMS (VDG Sense). Next step is to replace the failing analogue cameras with FullHD IP cameras, using the existing coax to transport Ethernet (Ethernet over coax EoC). Or one could start with adding IP cameras, but use the analogue BNC output while for the central equipment to be upgraded. A step by step approach.

Analogue Network

IP Network

The beauty of IP lies in its versatility and flexibility. Live footage, for example, can now easily be viewed on different locations, thus ensuring effectiveness and cutting costs for your business. In addition the video streams are stored directly on hard disks, making it available for retrieval and replay of the footage both locally and remotely.

Why Siqura?

With Siqura, migration from analog to digital surveillance has never been easier. Our path to IP keeps budget limitations in mind, but also the size of your infrastructure, the potential for growth, and the freedom for adaptation. With Siqura, all angles are covered.

Starting from the basics, our services revolve around IP cameras, VDG Sense (video management), video encoders, eco plugs, video decoders, and even switches.

The eyes of every security network are the surveillance cameras, and we can help you evolve to a world of Ultra-HD or 4K that showcases an unbelievable level of detail, helping you cover larger areas with fewer cameras.

We excel at promoting cost-effective solutions while still ensuring a massive upgrade on your current analog systems to make your migration to IP seamless and in the step sizes that fits you best.

Video management with VDG Sense

VDG Sense is the most flexible and creative video management system in the digital security industry. VDG Sense caters to every video security and can be tailor-made for your business required specifications. VDG Sense gives access to your surveillance system on the spot, remotely and through online mediums via web and mobile.

Discover more about VDG Sense here.



Video Encoders

To integrate an analogue video camera into a new IP VMS, like VDG Sense, you need a video encoder. Siqura offers a complete range of video encoders. From 1 to 16 channel inputs, environmentally hardened, extended feature set, built-in intelligence, or just plug&play. But they all do what they should, efficient compressing and encoding the camera signal to a low latency video stream.

Intelligence features like the Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Camera Health Check are added for peak performance to help track and deliver embedded analytics.


SFP concept and Ethernet over Coax

Siqura exclusively offers SFP (empty cages for SFP Ethernet plugs) on its cameras and encoders. This unique feature offers connections to twisted pair (RJ45 SFP) ,  optical fiber (SM or MM SFP), or existing coaxial cable (ECOplug™).

Connecting direct to fiber has the advantage of save and secure fiber connection, which is hard to break-in without notice.

Siqura's unique ECO-plug offers the opportunity to make use of the existing coaxial cable to transport the Ethernet signals thus saving the cost of removing and replacing the cable infrastructure.

Video decoders

You still get your familiarity with your analog monitors as our video decoder helps convert IP video streams to whatever type of monitor you currently have. Flat screen monitor users can take advantage of our decoders that display multiple full-HD streams on one or two flatscreens or LCD monitors. Comfort at it’s best.


One of the best applications of our IP services is the true routing flexibility that helps maneuver past the constraints of the analog video matrix switcher. Connect to any camera within the network with the push of a button.

With our SFP-enabled switches, there is zero need for numerous power outlets, which means fewer installation costs and faster deployment periods for surveillance cameras. The SFP-enabled cameras coupled with the video encoders power the cameras with built-in PoE and PoE+ power ports.

With Siqura as your partner, expect your business to grow with our tried and trusted solutions that are tailored for maximum returns. Every solution and product is carefully designed and implemented to ensure that we help our clients grow exponentially with the benefits of IP.