Highway monitoring

In most countries around the world, busy highways are monitored from central traffic control centers with help from road camera images. Traffic flow and intensity are important factors to monitor in urban environments. Disturbances on the road, such as accidents, car breakdowns, debris or plain traffic jams are detected through the camera systems With help from these images, traffic control centers can help optimize these flows of traffic and direct the emergency services to the right location if necessary.

To make sure that the traffic control centers have a good overview, many cameras are installed. These can be both cameras with a fixed position, as well as remotely controlled PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras.

Introducing the TrafficPTZ Ultimo

Siqura understands the importance of high quality camera images for highway monitoring. Therefore, we have designed a unique PTZ camera specially for these purposes: the TrafficPTZ Ultimo. With in-house developed techniques, and a robust and maintenance-free exterior housing, the TrafficPTZ Ultimo offers a solution to any highway monitoring request.

Key features:

  • Fast movement and very large zoom range for easy control and high detail view.
  • Ability to define preset positions. Camera returns to these exact positions without the need of calibration.
  • Standardized protocols of traffic control centers are included for easy integration.
  • Maintenance-free exterior housing, all-weather proof.
  • Image stabilization for a view without vibrations.

Optionally, the TrafficPTZ Ultimo can be equipped with infrared beams to ensure an even better night vision.

Discover the TrafficPTZ Ultimo here.


Digital transformation

We offer various possibilities to help traffic controllers to migrate old analogue systems to the newest digital video systems. Siqura cameras can also help to display images correctly on existing videowalls at traffic control centers. Aspect ratios can be adjusted to fit the right aspects on current screens. Besides the current usual codec formats (H.264 and MJPEG), older formats such as MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 are also supported.

The TrafficPTZ Ultimo is built on the same platform as other Siqura cameras, such as the Tunnelcam. Therefore integration of these cameras within a full traffic monitoring system is easy and seamless.

Read more about migration to IP solutions here.

Compatibility and Precision

The TrafficTPZ cameras are compatible with MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 that is used by most existing operating rooms. With a 30x zoom capability, the tiniest details can be identified and analyzed. Its long-range reach means fewer cameras are needed to cover a significant distance.

We ensure that precision was a top priority in the production of the TrafficTPZ camera, as you are guaranteed high picture quality with regular pan and tilt movements.

With both the Essential and the Ultimo TrafficTPZ cameras, you have cameras that can report factually on active incidents and possess customized interoperability.