Flare monitoring

The risk factor associated with the MOG industry emphasizes the need for a reliable surveillance system, especially in facilities that are involved with flammable gases and power plants.

The seamless functioning of the flare stack is an integral part of the day to day running of your plant operation. With flare monitoring, the ability to correctly determine the levels of thermal radiation being emitted and in turn, the size of flares is guaranteed.

Flares are bound to occur occasionally, and every top business is expected to cater for such incidents with a security solution that guarantees automatic event signaling regardless of the intensity of the flares or the flare size.

Siqura can boldly claim that we are the first and only company to successfully create first automatic flare stack monitoring system with flare size tracking and automatic event signaling. Our system is computer vision-based and designed to be a built-in part of any camera installations.

We have identified the intricacies involved in building a reliable, intelligent system that can automatically detect flares and send the appropriate signals so that immediate action can be carried out. With the combination of video analytics and the geometrical properties of the flare, we have successfully created a robust and efficient system that is free of false alarms.

Factors like the type of gas (methanol is not visible to regular cameras), black smoke detection during the daytime, potential size of flare, wind direction changes, and weather conditions were covered when creating our flare monitoring solution before a live test was conducted at a site in Rotterdam Botlek area, The Netherlands.

The test was successful and confirmed that we can provide a sound surveillance system for businesses to help them secure their investment and facilities which is always our top goal for every solution created for any sector.

We utilize Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) cameras as part of our flare stack monitoring solution because they operate on a different spectrum that allows them to register heat emitted from flares. They can detect the difference in temperature as low as 50mK, making them the perfect cameras to be used in such conditions.

With the optional pan-tilt mounting system, the camera viewport provides a line of sight to the flare. This ensures uninterrupted viewing and tracking of changes to the flare stack.

Your current infrastructure will significantly benefit from the improved detection software that eradicates the costs of personnel and heat sensors.

With our computer vision-based model, data is uploaded and can be accessed remotely via the web. The monitor compares the size and position of the extracted flare continuously with the last updated frame to notice any unusual spikes or drop in flare position and size. This ensures that you can be immediately notified within seconds of any changes that need your attention.

Code words “ignited”, “ok” and “extinct”, “too large”, “exceeding limit” and “within limit” show the status of the flare and if any are triggered, your operator will get a live video stream with the relevant caption to help you decide the next course of action.

This eliminates any doubts and improves your decision making leading to improved productivity.

Our products and services are created to cater for different sizes and positions of flares in a bid to guarantee that your business operation runs seamlessly.

With Siqura, you have a reliable partner that will help you increase your productivity levels at lesser cost in the most efficient way with our exclusive flare monitoring solutions.