FenceGuard™ Perimeter Intrusion Detection VCA

Invasion of privacy is a worldwide scourge that no one appreciates, especially in a place of business or industry with sensitive or hazardous materials and valuables.

We provide a security solution for such businesses with our unique FenceGuard. FenceGuard or PID is an embedded video content analysis (VCA) solution to detect unwanted intruders. It can run inside one of our security cameras, night vision camera or on board of our video management system VDG Sense.

Siqura's Perimeter Intrusion Detection system is based on a unique way of off-line configuration. In a matter of seconds, a PID configuration can be tested against the real-world images and can be optimized to get the best performance with the lowest nuisance alerts.

Our VCA Configuration Server stores real-time video images and the detected objects, over a period of time. These clips of objects can be sent through a new set of configurations (rule engine) at high speed (10,000 times in real-time). The configuration can be changed as many times as needed to get the required performance. The final set of configurations can be uploaded into the PID camera.

Our various solutions are designed to bring out the best in your business with uniquely-designed cameras and surveillance options. Siqura has you covered irrespective of your existing infrastructure.

Long-distance intrusion detection

As an extension of our desire to provide businesses with the best digital safety solutions, Siqura is introducing the Long-distance Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PID) to the market. Developed for pipeline infrastructures. With a maximum distance between camera stations of about 2 km, this system can detect movement and activity on or along the pipeline.

FenceGuard or PID enabled cameras and systems

BC840-PID camera

Detect intruders without the cost of expensive equipment with our top-notch BC840-PID camera, manufactured in-house to cater for long-range perimeter intrusion detection. With the BC840-PID as part of your security network, you have a highly efficient device with an enhanced intuitive web interface that is designed primarily for covert detection.

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Video encoders with PID

A video encoder upgrades an existing analog camera to a full-blown IP camera by migrating from an existing analog network to an IP network. Our encoders can also be supplied with PID onboard, adding professional intrusion detection to the analog camera.

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Thermal cameras

Our security solutions for perimeter intrusion detection are numerous, and one of the best is based on thermal imaging. The LWIR thermal imager is 'blind' for all the problematic distractions in the optical domain. Shadows, sun streaks, headlights and light beams are not visible in the thermal image, making detection very reliable.

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XCU Fusion FenceGuard

The XCU Fusion is a compact dual sensor camera. With the FenceGuard software on board, it is enabled for intrusion detection. Like all cameras above, it is fully equipped to run the video content analysis. The analytics uses the thermal sensor data for the best results. Fusion of thermal detection and optical images makes it easy for the operator to locate the breach of security.

VDG Sense

VDG Sense is an advanced video management system that controls all aspects of a surveillance system, like live viewing, recording, event management, and so on. Its powerful event-management escalates unusual occurrences to the attention of the operator.

VDG Sense automatically detects Siqura's PID enhanced devices, enabling all PID/ObjectR features in both the camera and Sense itself. Other cameras can be optionally upgraded with PID or "SP-ORA," Sense Pro ObjectR advanced video channel license. With PID running on the edge, the number of PID channels is enormous.