Explosion Proof Solutions

The life-saving effects that a reliable video surveillance system offers cannot be overemphasized, especially in the Marine, Oil & Gas (MOG) industry. Here, a dependable explosion-proof video surveillance system can be extremely useful to help cover critical areas. Facilities and personnel in this industry will undoubtedly feel a lot safer with the knowledge that an operator, with the help of a specialized explosion proof video surveillance system, can find quick solutions to avoid major and costly incidents before they escalate or start.


Hazardous Areas

Most businesses have facilities or sections that are generally regarded as hazardous zones with the tendency for accidents to happen if care is not taken. Flammable gases, vapor, and sparks are known to cause accidents in such regions.

The logical security protocol ensures that these regions are protected with explosion proof surveillance equipment that can stand the test of heat, fire and or explosions. Siqura caters for such protocols with products of the highest standards that meet ATEX and IECEX requirements, ensuring quality, service life and reliability.

With Siqura, you choose for a low cost of ownership while keeping the downtime of your installation to zero.

We provide video surveillance systems which are manufactured in-house to ensure the highest quality and guarantees a more safe and conducive working environment.

Situational awareness

To maximize workflow, Siqura creates situational awareness with the help of carefully selected data streams. Its effect on the security network means that only relevant situations will be brought to your attention.

Siqura understands the importance of split second decisions in the MOG industry and their consequences so we use the situational awareness feature to help you make the correct informed decisions.

Siqura also ensures that all components of the system work seamlessly together by providing solutions for all parts of the security network from the MOG location to the advanced control room software. This promotes a clear and efficient overview of the safety protocol of the workplace.


Explosion proof & corrosion proof cameras

A part of Siqura’s security solutions is our explosion- & corrosion proof camera line that have housings with IP67 ingress protection ratings, corrosion-resistant alloy, 316L electro-polished stainless steel, all suited for use in extreme offshore and onshore conditions.

Our explosion proof cameras are certified for ATEX and IECEx  Zone 1 & 2 hazardous areas. This means they are suited for areas where flammable gases, vapor and sparks can lead to accidents.

Additionally, our explosion- & corrosion proof cameras can be tailor-made for specific project requirements (e.g. different power output and conduit cable length options).

Discover all of our explosion proof products here.

Video Encoders

For MOG locations, our C-series are the best in the business. These encoders play an integral part in your company’s IP infrastructure by connecting to your analogue surveillance cameras. For example, our EVE encoder is specifically designed for the Hernis RX400 protocol.

Our encoder product range support both analogue and IP cameras, so video presence can easily be detected and image quality improved..

These devices notify the operator as soon as there is a decline in image quality or if the camera’s position has been compromised. These notifications ensure you are fully aware of changes in your security network immediately thereby decreasing reactive maintenance time.


Harsh conditions are to be expected in MOG environments and our C-series switches are designed exactly for such purposes. With an endless run time, the C-series switches are always available to bring in data every minute of the day.

These switches do not require internal fans making them heat and cold resistant. The absence of moving parts in our unique switches also translates to lower maintenance costs.