Siqura’s XCU Fusion camera at Tunnelseminar 2018 in Oslo

News - October 9, 2018

Siqura will be present on the 9th and 10th of October during the second edition of The Tunnelseminar in Oslo. Patrick Wisker, Sales and Business Development Manager at Siqura, will introduce the visitors to the XCU Fusion camera. This solution was originally designed especially with the harsh environment of traffic tunnel applications in mind, but can also be applied in the Marine, Oil & Gas environment.

About Tunnelseminar

Safest Tunnel, a collaboration between leading companies who deliver safety systems for tunnels, have built a replica of a 124m long tunnel especially for Tunnelseminar. Therefore, solutions can be demonstrated in action. The tunnel was displayed for the first time at the World Tunnel Congress in 2017.

About the XCU Fusion camera

Siqura will be demonstrating the new solution XCU Fusion, which was originally designed as The TunnelCam Ultimo. It was created especially for tunnels, but is also usable on the roadside as an able-bodied fixed camera, that gives you high-quality images.

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