Siqura expands range with LPR cameras of sister company Tattile

News, Press Releases - April 10, 2019

With the highly specialized ANPR/LPR cameras of Italian Tattile, Siqura has added yet another strong and proven product range to its catalogue. Tattile is part of Lakesight Technologies, which was acquired by TKH Security Group (Siqura’s parent company) in early 2019.

Siqura Tattile

Niche segment in Mobility

Tattile has developed ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) or LPR (license plate recognition) cameras with a superior quality of recognition, a niche segment in the vertical market of Mobility, according to Diana Skopina, International Account Manager at Siqura. “Tattile has over 30 years of expertise in vision solutions. Siqura clients will benefit from us being able to offer these high-quality cameras. Within the TKH Security Group, Siqura is the most internationally-oriented company. Therefore, it makes absolute sense for us to be a Tattile Partner.” Diana Skopina says the distribution officially started.

Tattile cameras

Wide range of applications

Tattile cameras are all about increasing security management in Mobility. Applications include:


  • Free Flow
  • Stop & Go
  • Limited Traffic Zones


  • Speed
  • Red Light
  • Priority Lanes

Vehicle Tracking

  • Security & Tracking
  • Mobile
  • Parking & Access Control

More information about the Tattile camera’s.