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XSNet C5200MC SFP PoE+

10/100/1000Base-TX to 100/1000Base FX SFP Media Converter


The XSNet C5200MC SFP PoE+ offers one 10/100/1000Base-TX port and one pluggable 100/1000Base SFP slot. With the flexibility of the SFP slot of the XSNet C5200MC SFP PoE+, a range of applications is possible. The 5200MC connects to any other SFP enabled switch or media converter. The speed is hardware-configurable to either 100 Mb or 1000 Mb. 100 Mb offers longer transmission distances over multimode fiber and offers the application of Siqura's ECO-plug (Ethernet over Coax in an SFP format). 1000 Mb can be used in case of high data rates.


  • 10/100/1000Base-TX to 100/1000Base SFP media converter
  • Flexible SFP concept adapts to every network
  • Hardware-selectable SFP port speed
  • PoE+ in accordance with IEEE 802.3at (30 W)
  • Field-hardened
  • Cut-through data processing
  • 256 K Buffer
  • Adjustment-free installation and operation