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TKH Security Solutions

S620 E

One-channel IP video encoder


Take your analogue CCTV network to the next level with our S-series video encoders. The S620 E converts your analogue video signal into a range of different streams (2x H.264 and 2x MPEG-4/MJPEG). Each stream is optimised for its specific purpose. This one-channel video encoder delivers crystal clear, low-bandwidth video and interoperability with most existing systems. The S620 E is available with an SFP interface for Ethernet over fiber or (using our ECO-plug) Ethernet over coax.


  • Cost-effective dual H.264 video encoder
  • 2x D1 at 30fps H.264 + MPEG4/MJPEG
  • Image quality monitor and tamper detector
  • ONVIF Profile S
  • Duplex serial data and stereo audio
  • Video motion detection
  • Available with SFP interface