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TKH Security Solutions

Pico™ series

Miniature optical AM video transmitters and receivers


The Pico™ Camera Kit includes everything you need to transmit a camera signal over multimode fiber. The miniature Pico transmitter may be connected directly to the BNC output of the camera. Using multimode optical fiber, the camera signal is transmitted to the Pico RX receiver, which converts it back into a standard video signal. The Pico RX is equipped with automatic gain control (AGC) with a wide dynamic range, ensuring rapid deployment and adjustment-free installation of your fiber-optic camera link. The Pico transmitter and Pico RX receiver are compatible with Siqura's VBS 2000 series.


  • Adjustment-free installation and operation (automatic gain control)
  • Cost-effective camera connection kit for all-in-one plug-and-play installation
  • Direct camera mounting
  • Wide temperature range, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Video SNR >60 dBw for short link
  • Compatible with VBS 2000 series