Surveillance cameras



3MP bubbleless PTZ dome camera with 40x zoom with SFP and IR


The PD920 is a 3-megapixel IP outdoor PTZ dome camera without a bubble. A powerful high-grade 40x optical zoom lens ensures sharp and clear images over a wide range. Built-in IR for zero lux operation. The high-speed pan, tilt, and zoom mechanism and auto-focus give instantaneous and stable focused images. Due to its unique servo feedback control the camera will always maintain its original (PT) position. When forced away from its original position the camera will return immediately. The PD920 Ethernet interface can be swapped from RJ45 supporting PoE or an empty SFP cage. The 100 Mb/s SFP offers a range of direct to fiber option, as well as connection direct to coax using the ECO-plug.


  • 3MP 1/2.8 inch Progressive scan CMOS imager
  • Quad stream H.264, H.265 and MJPEG
  • PT servo feedback
  • Swappable 100 Mb SFP slot or RJ45
  • 40x optical zoom, 10x digital zoom
  • 20° tilt above horizon without optical distortion
  • 120 dB WDR (HDR)
  • Built-in IR illumination up to 200 m
  • ONVIF Profile S, G and Q


Preliminary product information
The PD920 is a 3MP intelligent IP outdoor high-speed PTZ dome camera with built-in IR-illumination and 40x optical zoom. No more problems like optical distortion when looking at the horizon or IR scattering due to dirt or water on the bubble due to its unique bubble-less design.

PT Servo feedback
The PD920 pan and tilt motors are controlled by servo feed back, keeping track of the PTZ position at all times. No more drifting PTZ head due to shocks, vibration or vandalism. When the head is forced from its position, it will return immediately.

Versatile SFP connection
The camera's interface can be swapped between a RJ45, supporting PoE, or an empty 100Mb SFP slot. With the SFP slot the camera can be connected either direct to fiber or to coax by using Siqura's unique ECO-plug for Ethernet-over-coax. For each solution Siqura can provide for a cost effective SFP module.

Multi-stream high definition
The integrated camera has multi-stream capability for simultaneous streaming of H.265, H.264 or MJPEG.  Up to 4 combinations of resolutions and frame rates can be configured to satisfy different live viewing and recording scenarios.

Open standards
Multiple options are available to easily integrate the PD920 to a video management system. In support of open standards, the PD920 is compliant with a range of VMS’s, it supports ONVIF (Profiles S, G, and Q) and the Siqura API.

Power source choices
The PD920 can be powered with 12Vdc,  24 Vac or over the network with Hi-PoE sources. (802.3bt Type 3: max 60 W)