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9971-C, 9973-C

Ethernet to High Speed port card


A pair of 9971-C interface cards supports transport of a 10Mb Ethernet link on a duplex high-speed port. Many 9000 series data and video transport cards offer duplex high-speed ports supporting the 9971-C. The 9971-C can be added to SpectraStream CWDM systems when CWDM-compatible duplex host cards are used in the system.


  • Converts a 10Mb Ethernet signal to the high-speed port format
  • Adds 10Mb Ethernet connectivity between a pair of fiber video or data transmission cards
  • 1 duplex high-speed (HS) port available
  • 2 user-configurable data port
  • 9000 series rack-mount cards
  • 9900 series Network Management System (NMS) compatible
  • DIN rail support via 9995 mounting kit