Partnering since 15 years ago: Elbex Technologies and Siqura

News - January 8, 2020

“Siqura has the flexibility, speed of action and the ability to answer our clients’ challenges with real solutions. That is why we selected them at the time and why we still have a strategic cooperation with them 15 years later”, says Bjorn Saerens, Sales Manager with leading Belgian CCTV company Elbex Technologies. Elbex Technologies is specialized in the production and distribution of advanced audio and video technologies.

The first contact between the two companies dates back to the time when Siqura’s then parent company NKF Group produced analogue transmission equipment suitable for fiber. Eventually, Siqura expanded its range to include cameras and Elbex Technologies also introduced these to its clients.

The strongest point
“Choosing Siqura as Elbex Technologies only supplier of cameras was based on several factors, including Siqura’s home market being close to Belgium, and both companies having Dutch as their main language. Over time, we saw we had made the right choice when Siqura was able to meet and exceed our clients’ needs in project after project. The strongest point, of course, is Siqura’s SFP technology which allows seamless camera integration with fiber, copper and coax.” 

Saerens mentions Siqura’s competitive pricing, product quality, short delivery times and the ability to deliver exactly to specification as contributing factors for the success of Elbex Technologies in the Belgian market. 
Elbex Technologies only works with one specialized supplier for every vertical, which makes us unique in the market. In transmission and cameras we only cooperate with Siqura. It has contributed greatly to our success in sectors such as government, mobility, airports, harbors, soccer stadiums and industry. Nowadays, we are on the verge of replacing analogue equipment with digital in the mobility sector.” 

Siqura reduces the latency
Saerens adds: “In a certain high-risk sector Elbex Technologies is active in, Siqura has helped us overcome a latency problem in process control. In this sector, latency as a consequence of having a computer network with switches and so on is something to be avoided. Siqura tested and benchmarked and was able to reduce latency from around 400 milliseconds to under 100 milliseconds. We will start implementing this solution widely in 2020.” 

In addition to the flexibility and speed of action like mentioned before, Saerens considers the mutual trust between Siqura and Elbex Technologies as vital. “Our clients can call Siqura directly on technical and supply issues and more. This illustrates the level of understanding and strong partnership we have built over the past 15 years.”