New mosaic mask function and safety protocol TACACS+ for security cameras

News, Products - June 26, 2020

Siqura has implemented a new feature to the PD9x0 series PTZ, that allows a more natural masked view while keeping the privacy of people in mind. Even though privacy laws oblige to secure the privacy of inhabitants, monitoring is necessary to assure (national) security. Betty Huang, product manager at Siqura, explains why this feature was necessary.

The mosaic mask

“The privacy mask function in camera is meant to protect personal privacy by masking part of the image from the view that you are not allowed to monitor. A mosaic mask ensures that the mask is incorporated into the environment, since the transition looks more natural. We had a masking feature before, but it used to be one even color. So, this means that users would see a big red block within their view, which distracts from the actual image. Now that the mask has the colors of the image, but is presented in a mosaic style, the transition is more natural and therefore less confusing.”

TACACS+ protocol

“Another function, TACACS+, has been released recently. TACACS+ is a security application that provides centralized validation of users attempting to gain access to the cameras. The TACACS+ protocol provides authentication between the network access server and the TACACS+ daemon. It also ensures discretion and assurance, because all protocol exchanges between a network access server and a TACACS+ daemon are encrypted.”

Do you have any questions concerning the new mosaic mask feature or the TACACS+ protocol? Ask your sales manager for more information or contact Siqura on or call +31 182 592 333