How does Siqura limit cyber risks?

News - March 6, 2020

As a producer of smart high-tech video solutions for markets such as traffic, maritime and offshore, we keep a close watch on cyber security and privacy legislation. Siqura offers robust outdoor cameras with built-in intelligence and advanced video management software and works closely with specialized business partners and integrators worldwide. Peter de Konink, product manager at Siqura, explains what the organization is doing to limit cyber risks.

Creating awareness
We are highly aware of various cyber risks and do everything we can to minimize them. For example, one of our priorities is to raise cyber security awareness in our customers and our employees. This ranges from something as simple as the use of strong passwords, to complicated ‘vulnerabilities’ that must be prevented. Cyber security must be intrinsically interwoven in the development system to create resilience right from the start.

Highest certification
Being able to collect and use sensitive data correctly and securely is crucial for all our customers. That is why we apply the highest level of quality control, such as obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate. This is a globally recognized standard for information security, which allows organizations to show that they meet strict requirements regarding this theme. It is not easy to meet this standard, with regard to the technical requirements, knowledge, and the behaviour of employees but it is worth it. “Information security has a very important role in society, and we’re proud to contribute to that.”

IP cameras are less vulnerable owing to CCTV
Quarantine is one of the most effective means to defend yourself against an infection. This is no different for cameras: in most cases it is undesirable for a camera to be available via the Internet. The camera network is usually not interconnected with other networks, a so called Closed Circuit TV network (CCTV). Systems or persons not connected to this network are unable to access images or recordings of these cameras. This closed system should ideally be the first line of cyber defence. Our motto is strict separation between office network and video network. The system is as secure as the weakest link and that is usually the office staff.

Cameras directly connected to glass fibre
Some networks span over remote, uncontrolled areas, like traffic surveillance, city-center surveillance and some are hyper cyber-sensitive, like those for financial institutions. For these networks you should mitigate physical access to the cable. By using optical fiber you make it almost impossible to break into the network without noticing. Siqura has developed cameras exactly for these type of networks. They are directly connected to fiber optics.
For example:
• XCU Compact and Fusion
PD920 PTZ series
FD920 fixed dome
BC920 box camera