Complete Video Management Solution for the Wet Infrastructure Sector

News - September 10, 2020

Amsterdam, September 10th 2020- The road network is under increasing pressure due to sheer weight of traffic, and its bridges and water locks are no exception. In view of the importance of free-flowing traffic and the safety of such structures, they undergo continuous modernisation. One such modernisation is CCTV: by incorporating video surveillance into a security system, end users can monitor and anticipate upon what’s happening at a certain location in real time. This increases the efficiency and safety of such objects.

More efficient anticipation thanks to video
Operators are continually fed the latest information through the video management system, allowing them to effectively anticipate upon any situation that may arise. This makes it possible to guarantee an optimum flow of vehicles and ships and to better respond to changing traffic situations in critical environments. TKH Security is specialised in video management systems in combination with Siqura cameras, thereby meeting the stricter laws and regulations governing the wet infrastructure sector.

Robin de Neve, International Sales Manager: “At TKH Security, we have been involved in wet infrastructure for many years and therefore know like no other how, in conjunction with installation engineers, to provide support to end users in the challenges they face in the sector. Thanks to the latest compression techniques and dual streaming, motion detection has become very efficient in terms of storage. Among the great advantages to operators is the fact that the system is very user friendly, it records only what is needed and it is exceedingly reliable thanks to failover functionality.”

Easy-to-use high tech
De Neve goes on to say: “Custom configurations can be made for individual operators, with panels to review images, for instance, control elements for third-party systems, HTML browsers and maps. The system has an open architecture and is API and ONVIF compatible, making installation and integration very easy. Using a powerful macro engine, customers can determine how the system responds given specific situations. Our video surveillance solution is scalable from a few to a few thousand cameras. Thermal cameras detect people on structures in all weather conditions, including rain, fog and low sun. In such cases, a signal is sent automatically to the control room so that operators can immediately respond if necessary.”

New network cameras in combination with existing cabling
Many structures such as bridges and water locks currently still use analogue solutions, and replacing existing cabling to enable an IP solution is often considered to be too expensive. TKH Security has special hybrid cameras that feature both analogue BNC connectors and SFP slots in addition to a regular network connection, making it possible to link them to several SFP modules: the Siqura 920 series. It is therefore not necessary to replace existing cabling, which considerably reduces costs. The hybrid cameras make it possible to use old-fashioned coaxial/analogue networks and still be able to migrate to IP cameras.