Come see us at ITS European Congress 2017

Exhibitions, News - May 19, 2017

We are set to showcase our newest traffic and tunnel cameras at this year’s ITS European Congress in Strasbourg, June 19th through the 22nd, in the Rhin hall, stand P1. Come check out our latest innovations. From security to surveillance, single camera families to all-in-one solutions. In the spotlight this year are our TunnelCam, TrafficPTZ, and TrafficDome cameras…definitely worth checking out!

Intelligent Tunnel Safety

For those of you interested in one-upping tunnel safety, we will be showing our recently introduced TKH Security Solutions TunnelCam. This is an intelligent camera especially designed for the rough conditions found in tunnel applications.
The highly versatile TunnelCam is available as an Optical camera, a Thermal camera and as a Hybrid camera with both optical and thermal lens.
In cooperation with FLIR ITS, the TunnelCam can run the embedded Automatic Incident Detection (AID) software on both the optical and thermal channels at the same time.
Fires are the worst thing that can happen in tunnels and can potentially cause disaster, leaving many victims in its wake. The TunnelCam helps to prevent these disasters from happening. Our optical AID can detect smoke, and our thermal AID that can “see” through smoke and detect a fire quickly in its early stage.

Keeping a sharp eye on the road

We will also display our TrafficPTZ at the ITS European Congress 2017. Our TrafficPTZ is an intelligent Pan Tilt Zoom camera, designed for road-side applications. It has a large zoom lens and can move at high speed with unparalleled accuracy of positioning, without maintenance or re-calibration. Its high accuracy allows it to carry out multi-point Incident Detection. The TrafficPTZ can be used for incident detection on hard shoulders during rush hour traffic in the morning and in the opposite direction in the evening. And that’s with just one camera per section! You can control the TrafficPTZ camera from the traffic center, but it will also respond automatically to external triggers like incident detection.

Good bye grid lock

To round off our array of traffic surveillance and protection, we will showcase our TKH Security Solutions TrafficDome camera. You can use the TrafficDome to monitor intersections automatically. The TrafficDome will detect when the flow at intersections is obstructed by accidents or traffic jams, and report the issue at the control center. Our TrafficDome only delivers live video feed when the operator needs it; it’s not streaming and recording continuously. That makes it possible to use this camera on 4G cellular connections with low monthly connectivity costs. The TrafficDome can perform its own video analytics detection and can also be triggered by external devices.

Come see for yourself

Be sure to come by and see us at the TKH Security Solutions booth during this year’s ITS European Congress in Strasbourg, from the 19th to 22nd of June, in the Rhin hall, at stand P1. TKH Security Solutions and Siqura experts will be on hand to answer your burning (forgive the pun) questions, and assist you with any future Mobility plans you may have.

We look forward to seeing you there!