CCTV system from Siqura enables one-man operation of new-built trailing suction hopper dredger

News - September 6, 2018

After a thorough review and selection process, one of the largest shipbuilding conglomerates in the Netherlands selected Siqura to provide a multi-camera CCTV system for their latest new-built trailing suction hopper dredger.

* We present this case anonymized upon our client’s request.

The vessel is expected to become operational in September 2018. She will be based in Eastern Europe, where the ship will be active in gravel dredging operations. It is also capable of supporting wind park construction, using gravel for wind mill foundation.

The comprehensive system delivered by Siqura is an integral part of the ship’s highly innovative electronics suite which allows one single operator to perform navigating and dredging simultaneously.

The shipbuilder’s project manager electrical and electronics engineering: “We had not cooperated with Siqura before. So, when our supplier advised us to take a closer look, that is exactly what we did. Together with our client we visited Siqura at their headquarters and we were impressed. The mindset at Siqura is geared towards providing solutions and certainly not just selling equipment. They develop and produce themselves, and have the capacity to adjust products and services when the need arises.

Siqura demonstrated their capabilities to us in a broad testing environment. This included the resolution and use of individual cameras as well as the complete system configuration.

During a second visit together with the client we focused in-depth on how to operate the cameras and the system. I am convinced Siqura brings much-needed added value to shipping CCTV.”

Six outdoor marine dome cameras and five indoor 360o fisheye cameras in the engine rooms (one for propulsion, one for dredging) are the backbone of the tailor-made Siqura CCTV system. The shipbuilder has configured the control house in such a way that a single person can operate navigation and dredging all at once.