Traffic Management System

A sophisticated project which will become a benchmark for an adaptive traffic management system based on Siqura’s IP Video Surveillance cameras and VDG’s Sense video management software. Commissioned by the Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) of Saudi-Arabia the project comprises the design and implementation of an advanced traffic control system to improve the flow of traffic for the seven million people living in Riyadh.
Saudi Arabia
Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA)

The challenge

The Arriyadh Development Authority (ADA) of Saudi-Arabia is responsible for the socio-economic, cultural,  and environmental development of the city of Riyadh. The ADA devises plans and procedures to improve the standard of services and facilities provided for city residents. The ADA wants to implement an advanced traffic control system to improve the flow of traffic at 350 of its busiest junctions and Intersections. The result needs to be a dedicated traffic management system throughout Riyadh. The system needs to handle both routine and unexpected traffic conditions, as well as facilitate immediate communications among agencies responding to an emergency or abnormality, such as traffic police and ambulances. The system will be managed from a central control room.

The solution

Transcore approached us for our advanced, top of the range high resolution speed dome camera’s. Our hightech HSD820H3-E is an outdoor high-speed PTZ dome camera with exceptional imaging controls, providing high definition (1080p) pictures for very detailed surveillance footage as well as easy integration with our advanced and innovative VDG Sense software and video management system. On a total of 350 junctions and intersections of mainly city roads and city motorways, 350 of the Siqura speed dome cameras will be mounted on 15 meter high poles, completing an IP video surveillance network system avalable 24/7. In the control room eight operators will monitor all camera locations. The system will automatically adjust traffic signal timing in response to real-time traffic conditions, offering a significant upgrade over the existing fixed-time system. This prestigious project is acclaimed to be a benchmark for adaptive traffic management on a large scale. Our 350 very special and top of the range cameras are just very lonely at the top. Our hardware servers and hard discs will be installed in the control room for a minimum of 6 months video storage, with a capacity of up to a total of 900 terabytes.