Thailand airports’ perimeters

Secure an airport’s assets by installing a high-quality state-of-the art observation system including thermal cameras and video management system.
Government of Thailand – Department of Airports
Patararungroj Ltd.

Through Siqura (and VDG), TKH Security Solutions delivers an integral solution for perimeter intrusion detection (PID) at the majority of international and domestic airports in Thailand. It is one of our major airport project of this scale in Southeast Asia, with the potential of more to come.  

The purpose of this project is to secure an airport’s assets by installing a high-quality state-of-the art observation system including thermal cameras from Siqura and the VDG Sense video management system. 

Enhanced security and passenger safety 

The project’s main goals are upgrading the existing CCTV systemimproving the surveillance capability of the airport, specifically improving fence surveillance for unauthorized access around the runway and airport terminal building, resulting in enhanced security and passenger safety.  

Anthony Tan, Key Account Manager for Southeast Asia at Siqura B.V (Singapore Branch): “Having been awarded the project in cooperation with our partner Patararungroj Ltd., Part. after a strong competition for the tender, we have carried out the work at six airports in 2018 and will complete another eight this year.” 

Special challenge: very low lighting conditions 

The work consists of supplying, installing, testing and commissioning over 240 thermal PID cameras as well as the comprehensive VDG Sense software for managing the whole system. A special challenge for this project, which was commissioned by the eventual operator and end user, the Government of Thailand – Department of Airports, was the low visibility because of the generally very low lighting conditions. 

“ASEAN’s member nations are working towards becoming and projected by IMF to become the fourth-largest world economy by 2030, assisted by their close proximity to economically booming China”, says Anthony Tan. (The Association of South East Asian Nations, ASEAN, consists of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.) 

The Siqura PID airport solution in Thailand 

Siqura proposed and delivered the following components as an integral PID system: 

  • PD1103Z2-Ei pan-tilt-zoom dome cameras with 3 megapixel resolution, built-in infrared illuminator and motorized 36 x optical zoom autofocus lens 
  • BC1103-2 intelligent IP cameras with 3 megapixel resolution 
  • Special temperature-hardened lenses 
  • Thermal cameras with Siqura perimeter intrusion detection algorithm 
  • VDG 2608XR series VMS servers, VDG Sense software licenses and XSNet C series filed hardened ethernet switches. 

In practice: security at work 

Each airport has its own video management server in place with VDG Sense installed, managing all the video streams coming in. The system provides for automatic intrusion detection by the intelligent cameras with proven embedded analytics. The video management system generates automatic alarms and alerts over mobile devices, warns the authority of security breaches and can follow up with specified necessary actions. Alarms can be played back using the intuitive search features in Sense. In the terminal building, Siqura cameras are also used for beyond full HD resolution security and safety surveillance, near boarding gates, X-ray machines and baggage handling belts respectively. 

The uniqueness of the Thailand project 

Anthony Tan: “This project ranges across the entire country of Thailand, from provinces in the north like Tak (Maesot), the border with Myanmar, to the south like Krabi. The system is centrally monitored and accessible using one single Sense VMS platform. The strength of our VDG Sense video management system to work across multiple sites makes it an easy to operate and proven solution for applying in airports and other wide-area locations. Also, our system reduces installation time, as witnessed by comments from the local project installation team of our partner company Patarangrungroj Ltd., Part.  

Managing Director Mr Vachirapun PataramongkolritAs a result of the unbelievably quick and easy integration to stream live video and start the recording, in matter of seconds, compared to the many steps required previously, my team was able to increase their work efficiency and complete installation within a much shorter timespanAnd most importantly, we are proud to deliver professional and reliable security systems to our Airports to make our country more secure.