Rhineland Route N434 tunnel

Video surveillance system for the Rhineland Route.
The Province of Zuid-Holland

The so-called Rhineland Route is a planned new motorway running from Katwijk through the existing A44 to the A4 highway near Leiden. One of the elements of the Rhineland Route is a 2,888-meter long tunnel equipped with Siqura camera technology.

This new road connection will solve present bottlenecks and ensure traffic flow within the region of Holland Rhineland, mainly around Leiden and Katwijk. According to planning, the entire project should be completed in the end of 2022.

Siqura’s sister company Cruxin (a TKH Group company) cooperates with the international contractors combination Comol5 on this ambitious infrastructural project. Commissioned by the Province of Zuid-Holland, Comol5 is responsible for the conversion of the traffic intersection Leiden West, construction of the new N434 motorway with 2,888-meter tunnel and adjustments to the existing A4 and A44 highways.

Assisted by among others TKH sister companies Siqura, VDG and Flexposure, Cruxin will supply the public announcement (PA) system and the CCTV system for the tunnel. With regard to the PA system, Cruxin is responsible for projecting the loudspeakers and delivering intelligibility and comprehensibility of messaging throughout the tunnel. Work on the CCTV system consists of the design, delivery and commissioning of the 135 cameras, storage and playback systems. Integration with the tunnel operating system is provided through the management platform FlinQ of sister company Flexposure.

Siqura has projected the cameras on the basis of the LTS requirements (in English: National Tunnel Standard). The most important requirement is still being able to observe the tunnel in the event of failing cameras, where two subsequent cameras are not allowed to fail in any possible scenario. To meet this requirement, Siqura has selected the Speeddome PD1103Z2-EI camera. This intelligent IP pan, tilt and zoom camera has all the necessary specifications for application in mobility and alongside highways, such as a 36 x optical zoom lens, ample image resolution, a broad dynamic range, infrared lighting up to 200 m, waterproofing according to IP66 standard and a robust design. PD1103Z2-EI delivers razor-sharp imagery under all circumstances, close up and further away.

In addition, imagery is stored for a certain period of time and secured against erasing when an incident occurs. Imagery can be replayed on the video wall through commands from the tunnel operating system. FlinQ also provides for relaying imagery to the police emergency control room for live viewing and to screens at both ends of the tunnel for emergency services.

This project is unique in that the contractor, Comol5, wants a complete and operational system ready in Eindhoven by the end of 2019, including all cameras and audio amplifiers, while the system will only be installed in the actual tunnel in 2021.