Port of Bangkok

Design and deploy a video surveillance system capable of automating the container scanning process in a big port
Port Authority of Thailand
Western Integration Co. Ltd.

The challenge

For years, containers passing through the port had to be scanned and registered manually. This included verifying the containers’ contents, clearing them for customs and classifying and sorting the freight for import or export. Since these scans took nearly a minute per container, the road leading to the port was often backed up with traffic.

With increasing delays as the port expanded its economic and strategic significance, the Port Authority of Thailand commissioned local systems integrator Western Integration with the job of upgrading the existing network system and automating the container scanning process.

The solution

Together, Western Integration, distributor Patararungroj, we deployed a network that uses an automated content analysis program and a number recognition program to identify and catalogue the containers. This new system cuts the time from 50 seconds per container down to 15.

At the network’s edge are hundreds of our IP PTZ dome cameras. These robust audio-enabled cameras register, encode and transmit video material to a central control room, where operators keep an overview of the security situation and take action when necessary. The automated container identification process is facilitated by the cameras’ built-in analytics software.

The port of Bangkok’s main office was also equipped with a new CCTV surveillance system. The images of nearly a hundred our fixed IP cameras are now streamed to the central control room, ensuring that security personnel can effectively protect employees and property.