Camera surveillance in one of Europe’s longest tunnels

Camera surveillance system installed in and around the 10-kilometer long Plabutschtunnel 
Graz (Austria)
Siemens Austria

The partnership between Siqura and Siemens Austria has been going strong for several decades. This collaboration particularly paid off for both sides when we increased the safety of Austria’s tunnels and roads by installing video surveillance and incident detection systems. The highlight of our partnership is the camera surveillance system that we installed in and around the 10-kilometer long Plabutschtunnel for the Austrian Autobahnen- und Schnellstraßen-Finanzierungs-Aktiengesellschaft (ASFiNAG). The Plabutschtunnel provides a way underneath the town of Graz and is the second-longest two-pipe tunnel of Europe. 

The roads in and around the Plabutschtunnel are fitted with the best that camera surveillance has to offer in order to improve and maintain the safety of the travelers and commuters that use it. Siemens’ Christian Gobiet is the project coordinator for the Plabutschtunnel.  

Time is of the essence 
Even though the tunnel is ‘only’ 10 kilometers long, it has two pipes that each contain 2 roadways, adding up to a total of 40 kilometers of highway to secure and every inch of this road had to be covered by cameras. It took 32 remote controlled cameras, 141 fixed cameras and 237 intelligent cameras with incident detection and traffic monitoring to do so. The length wasn’t the main issue however; the biggest challenge was time. The complete system had to be ordered, installed, commissioned and operational within one year. “A challenge you can only beat when you can rely on your partner,” according Gobiet. “We had to act fast and so we did.”   

Proven technology 
Gobiet continues: “There was no time for experimenting with new technologies. We had to use existing products that already proved themselves in the field. Products we knew that Siqura could provide in time.” Siemens and Siqura finalized the project well in time, satisfying yet another high-profile customer. 

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