Boosting the safety level of Antwerp’s main toll tunnel
NV Tunnel Liefkenshoek
Untecg Traffic & Infra, VHP

The challenge

Tunnels are real bottlenecks. Even the smallest of disruptions may cause severe traffic jams. After a series of accidents, the management of Antwerp’s Liefkenshoektunnel decided to review its video surveillance system. Several flaws were found: the system lacked automatic incident detection (AID), the cameras weren’t capable of zooming in on events, oncoming traffic couldn’t be monitored and there were no surveillance cameras in the emergency corridors.

The solution

Together with distributor Elbex Technologies and systems integrators Imtech Traffic & Infra and VHP, Siqura implemented a cost-effective solution designed to take advantage of the tunnel’s existing infrastructure.

To deal with the tunnel’s low-light conditions, the BC14WDR camera was selected. This box camera boasts a 1/3” Pixim DPS Seawolf imager with super-wide dynamic range. Unlike older analogue CCD image sensors, the Pixim DPS Seawolf doesn’t smear, bloom or generate colour noise. That makes it the perfect candidate for video content analysis (VCA) applications, such as automatic incident detection. The vandal-resistant FD12, a fixed dome camera, was implemented in the emergency corridors. Its integrated varifocal lens with backlight compensation and automatic day/ night functionality provides high-resolution (520 TVL) pictures. our Up-the-Fiber digital video receivers and VAD optical multiplexers were chosen for their high-quality signal transmission.

Extra cameras on strategic locations, superior image quality and automated incident detection: these three elements have greatly improved the safety situation of the critically important Liefkenshoektunnel.