Kuwait Hyatt Regency hotel Al Kout Mall

Video surveillance system for the Kuwait Hyatt Regency hotel situated in the Al Kout Mall, the second-largest shopping malls in Kuwait
Hyatt Regency hotel
Delite Engineering Center

Siqura’s partner, Delite Engineering Center realized a fully integrated security solution in a large-scale project for the 5-star hotel Kuwait Hyatt Regency in the Al Kout Mall. The project combined cameras from Siqura with access control and video management, both from the sister company TKH security. The Al Kout Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Kuwait.

The order was for a video surveillance and access control system as a complete solution. We spoke to two main representatives of Delite Engineering Center for this project, Mr Ibrahim Matkawala, business development manager, and Mr Burhan Khandwala, marketing team leader.

“The video surveillance part of this project consists of around 350 Siqura cameras of different types along with the proven VDG Sense video management software, operated from an internal control room in the hotel. The i-Protect access control part is for around 120 doors with swipe cards. In addition, there are some 300 monitored doors”, says Ibrahim Matkawala. The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-October 2019.

Delite Engineering Center has equipped the Al Kout Mall itself with security technology in the form of 1,500 cameras, 250 access doors and 500 monitored doors with all hardware and software. The hotel project is the second phase of this order.

“We have implemented Siqura and TKH Group sister companies’ solutions for the past eight years already”, Burhan Khandwala adds. “The last three big projects we have implemented were all supplied with Siqura and TKH group technology. However, this is our first joint project in the hospitality industry in Kuwait. And we have high expectations of securing more similar projects in the near future across the Gulf region.”

One single integrated quality system

Both managers name three strong points which were decisive factors in selecting Siqura, and thereby TKH Group, as supplier for this project. “First of all, through TKH Group Siqura is able to offer a truly integrated system as a single supplier for cctv, access control, alarm systems, video management software and security management. This is a great advantage for us when competing for projects. Secondly, all TKH Group hardware and software is produced by the same company. And finally, we have been implementing Siqura cameras for a long time already, so that we know it is a proven technology.”