Koh Samui

Building a multipurpose video surveillance network from the ground up
Koh Samui Municipality
Systronics Co. Ltd.

Koh Samui Municipality (Thailand)

Systems integrator
Sanguan Panich Co. Ltd.

Systronics Co. Ltd.

IP-based video surveillance

Mobility – Public safety

To build a multipurpose video surveillance network from the ground up

Encoders, decoders, managed switches and video management software

The challenge

You could be forgiven for thinking that Koh Samui has no need for video surveillance. After all, what could possibly happen in such an idyllic, laid-back place? But with the island now firmly on the map as one of Southeast Asia’s must-see destinations, the mayor of Koh Samui felt the time had come to step up security measures.

Having deployed surveillance solutions all over Thailand, we was asked to develop a scalable, future-proof system that would allow the authorities to monitor the island’s roads, junctions and public spaces. A major requirement was for the system to be able to deal with Koh Samui’s tropical monsoon climate.

The solution

We worked with local partners Systronics and Sanguan Panich to design a fully redundant fiber network. 288 analogue cameras placed at strategic locations around the island were connected to the S-60 E and S-64 E video encoders. These stand-alone devices convert the analogue signal they receive into high-quality H.264 streams, which are then transferred to the SFP-enabled XSNet C4208 SW and 2800 SW Gigabit Ethernet switches. The environmentally hardened design of these switches allows them to be installed in fanless junction boxes. In the control room, the S-620 D universal video decoders display the incoming streams on a large video wall.

The new system has given Koh Samui the tools it needed to improve public safety. Main roads and important locations are now monitored in real time. In case of a critical event, security operators are able to share footage with authorized users such as the police. IP cameras can be added as needed without changing the underlying infrastructure.