Ghelamco Arena

Implementing fast and accurate video surveillance in AA Gent’s new stadium
Ghelamco Arena (Belgium)
Geconet N.V.

Ghelamco Arena (Belgium)

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Geconet N.V.

IP-based video network

Public safety

IP cameras

The Challenge

With thousands of people packed together and emotions running high, football stadiums call for the highest level of security. Unfortunately, this lesson was learnt the hard way. Real change only came about after the Heysel and Hillsborough stadium disasters in the late 1980s.

Today, safety is a top priority in stadium design. The Ghelamco Arena solicited for a complete yet economical video surveillance solution that would offer a clear view of everything that is going on, in and around the stadium. Speed and accuracy were key requirements, with at least 140 pixels per metre for the seating areas. The Ghelamco Arena also wanted a separate fiber-based network ring and a maximum of four server locations for the entire installation.

The solution

For each location, our VAD partner Elbex Technologies selected the most suitable camera model. The spectator areas are now monitored with the HSD820H2-E, a full-HD high-speed PTZ dome camera with 20x optical zoom and 8x digital zoom. Offering support for many different presets, cruises and sequences, the HSD820-E covers a large surveillance area without dead spots. Hands-on assistance is provided by undercover police carrying mobile devices that communicate directly with the central video management system.

The parking decks were fitted with the BC820H1, a full-HD box camera with automatic day/night functionality, backlight compensation and wide dynamic range, while the CD820F1, a compact fixed dome camera, was placed in public passageways and corridors.

Implementing a well-balanced mix of surveillance hardware has helped turn this modern venue into one of the safest of its kind, a place where both home and away fans can enjoy a great day out.