Bangchak Petroleum Public Company

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With a culture of sustainable business development in harmony with the environment, Bangchak Petroleum Public Company Limited was established in 1984 and strives to strike a balance between business value and social and environmental value. For its refinery in Bangkok, Siqura upgraded and enhanced the existing analogue CCTV system to an intelligent full IP digital CCTV solution installing digital video encoders and DIVA video content analysis.
Bangchak Petroleum Public Company PLC
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The challenge

Upgrade, migrate and enhance the existing CCTV system within the Bangkok refinery location of Thailand’s leading petroleum company. The Bangchak refinery in Bangkok has a crude oil processing capacity of 120,000 barrels a day and operates over a 1000 service stations throughout the country. The existing 88 analogue cameras needed to migrate to a full digital IP CCTV platform using our advanced video encoders. Within the IP network, fence surveillance and monitoring was required. Video analysis became necessary because the company only has limited manpower available to watch over the entire system 24/7. Video analysis determines any irregularities automatically. System providers needed to offer flexibility for further expansion in the future, not only for the refinery itself, but also for admin and office buildings on the premises. All components to be offered for the project had to meet strict requirements in order to be operated in harsh environments. For interoperability an open network and advanced automatic detection had to be installed for selected locations using as well video streaming between plants and admin blocks.

The solution

The excellent cooperation on previous projects with AFE (Al Futtaim Engineering) and the complete range of required systems and products to be offered by TKH Security Solutions made the customer and its consultant to reward the project to our partner AFE, contractor and us. The ability to offer a complete integrated system and solution for IP video surveillance, advanced access control and reliable automatic number plate recognition turned out to be a major advantage over our competition. A total of 221 new IP cameras were offered, including 25 outdoor box cameras, 49 fixed indoor wall mount box cameras, 4 indoor wall mount WDR box cameras, 114 fixed indoor dome cameras, 4 outdoor PTZ cameras and 5 number plate recognition cameras. In addition, a master server with 85 TB storage, a backup server, Sense VMS, operator module software, 6 50” LCD monitors and 26 pieces 8 channel ecoders.