The Avenues Shopping Mall

Setting up a scalable and user-friendly video surveillance system for one of the world’s biggest shopping malls
M.H. Alshaya Co.
Delite Engineering

The challenge

As The Avenues continued to expand, Alshaya found it increasingly difficult to keep a firm grip on its analogue CCTV system. Some of its stores worked with stand-alone DVR’s, while others used fiber-optic multiplexers and demultiplexers to transmit video streams to a central control room. Sifting the footage for recorded events also proved problematic. We were called in to implement a scalable IP-based video surveillance system that would offer better image quality and greater ease of use.

The solution

Together with local systems integrator Delite Engineering, we decided to equip 35 stores with a total of 200 fixed-dome and box cameras, 50 PTZ dome cameras, 6 storage servers and 8 workstations. Siqura’s high-definition fixed-dome cameras with integrated infrared illuminators were installed to deliver clear footage even when the lights are off at night.

Thanks to DIVA, usability has been greatly enhanced. This intelligent video management system (VMS) lets operators create a fully personalised user interface that helps them work faster and more efficiently. All streams are now monitored in Alshaya’s central control room, where recorded events can be traced in a matter of seconds.

After the project was completed, we and Delite rolled out a similar surveillance solution at Alshaya’s corporate headquarters in Kuwait and its central warehouse in Dubai.