Sheikh Khalifa Central Hospital

June 10, 2020

Together with TKH Security, Siqura realized a fully integrated surveillance and access control system in the Sheikh Khalifa Central Hospital. This new hospital is located in Fujairah (UAE) and will provide better 24/7 health services to citizens on the Eastern coast. The hospital consists of 11 specialized departments, a 32-bed emergency ward, a 3-storey rehabilitation […]

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Camera surveillance in one of Europe’s longest tunnels

November 26, 2019

The partnership between Siqura and Siemens Austria has been going strong for several decades. This collaboration particularly paid off for both sides when we increased the safety of Austria’s tunnels and roads by installing video surveillance and incident detection systems. The highlight of our partnership is the camera surveillance system that we installed in and […]

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Hotspot detection for waste collection

September 25, 2019

Hotspot detection solutions are an important part of preventing fires in the 21st century. It’s a growing market that is expanding into a great variety of sectors, far beyond the Maritime, Oil & Gas Safety and ATEX sectors, for which it was intended. Customer support engineer Rudy Saarloos works with Siqura’s hotspot detection cameras and […]

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Kuwait Hyatt Regency hotel Al Kout Mall

August 16, 2019

Siqura’s partner, Delite Engineering Center realized a fully integrated security solution in a large-scale project for the 5-star hotel Kuwait Hyatt Regency in the Al Kout Mall. The project combined cameras from Siqura with access control and video management, both from the sister company TKH security. The Al Kout Mall is one of the largest shopping […]

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Thailand airports’ perimeters

July 16, 2019

Through Siqura (and VDG), TKH Security Solutions delivers an integral solution for perimeter intrusion detection (PID) at the majority of international and domestic airports in Thailand. It is one of our major airport project of this scale in Southeast Asia, with the potential of more to come.   The purpose of this project is to secure an airport’s assets by installing a high-quality state-of-the art observation system including thermal cameras […]

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Rhineland Route N434 tunnel

April 16, 2019

The so-called Rhineland Route is a planned new motorway running from Katwijk through the existing A44 to the A4 highway near Leiden. One of the elements of the Rhineland Route is a 2,888-meter long tunnel equipped with Siqura camera technology. This new road connection will solve present bottlenecks and ensure traffic flow within the region […]

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Departments of the Ministry

March 16, 2019

Security company IBC Egypt secured a comprehensive order from the Egyptian Ministry of Interior. TKH Security supplies over more than 850 Siqura cameras as well as VDG Sense software and hardware. Tariq Anwer, Sales Director Middle East & West Asia at Siqura B.V ( Branch) in Dubai: “This large number of cameras consists of bullet, […]

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World’s biggest causeway in Kuwait

January 16, 2019

In 2013, the Kuwait Ministry of Public Works (MPW) started construction of the world’s biggest maritime causeway project, the Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah causeway. The causeway is located on the Kuwait Bay and includes the construction of two roads that reduce travel time to Subiyah and Doha. Tariq Anwer, Sales Director Middle East […]

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Port of Bangkok

January 31, 2018

The challengeFor years, containers passing through the port had to be scanned and registered manually. This included verifying the containers’ contents, clearing them for customs and classifying and sorting the freight for import or export. Since these scans took nearly a minute per container, the road leading to the port was often backed up with […]

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January 26, 2018

The challengeTunnels are real bottlenecks. Even the smallest of disruptions may cause severe traffic jams. After a series of accidents, the management of Antwerp’s Liefkenshoektunnel decided to review its video surveillance system. Several flaws were found: the system lacked automatic incident detection (AID), the cameras weren’t capable of zooming in on events, oncoming traffic couldn’t […]

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