About Siqura

About us

It is our mission to bring uncomplicated clarity to the men and women watching over our safety.

We do this by helping them to make error-free decisions during critical situations. We believe that uncomplicated clarity in video surveillance can truly contribute to a superior response and thus a safer society for all.


Company profile

Originally founded as an electronics corporation in 1981, Siqura is a public-owned company with its headquarters located in the Netherlands and a central branch office in the United States.

In 2011, the company was acquired by TKH Solutions with the name subsequently changed to Siqura B.V.

Over the past two decades, we have continually showcased our ability as the world’s leading supplier of advanced video surveillance systems, as we provide clients all over the world with a vast range of network products based on IP technology.

Our company caters for businesses on a worldwide scale with sales and support offices in the United States, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and China.


What do we offer?

With over thirty years of experience, we have mastered and continue to develop a full range of IP technology to manufacture products and provide video surveillance solutions. We are specialized in public safety, mobility and the MOG industry, but our products and services can be applied in any sector where security is a necessity.

We provide governments, businesses and industry giants with solutions that ensure their assets both off-shore and on-shore, regardless of weather conditions can be safely monitored.

By including our secret weapon, the VMS, our solutions (which are manufactured in-house for the best quality) offer security, safety and ease of use. Our cost effective solutions are intelligence based, reducing the need for manpower oversight and reducing operating costs.


Why choose Siqura?

With us, you have a reliable partner that can boast of a clientele list spanning all over the world, in any region. We cater for your needs by studying your current security demands, planning analog to IP migration, presenting you with the best surveillance solutions, and implementing them to integrate seamlessly with your present setup.

For every sector, we have streamlined solutions that blend perfectly with your current infrastructure. With our experience, you can expect the level of productivity to increase by at least 20%.

Only Siqura can boast of a wide range of products for video transmission, video content analysis, video management, intercom, access control and central control room surveillance.

Our Core Values

  • Client Value Creation:

We pride ourselves as a company that aims to create better value for our clients with top notch solutions and products. We help your business increase in value with the performance of our services. With value creation, your customers can trust with quality of service. We thrive by seeing your business security solutions prosper.

  • Diversity:

We understand the need for diversity while creating solutions due to the variety of sectors we cater for. Our employees are people with different strengths, ideas, interests and train of thought. This helps with debates that promote healthy competition with coming up with the best solutions for our clients.

  • Accountability:

We hold ourselves accountable with every solution and product we manufacture. We understand the risks and rewards that our services bring to your business hence we ensure that nothing but the best is what we offer.


Our products are suited for 24/7 operation in challenging conditions. Siqura is ISO 9001 certified and our main office in Gouda is also ISO 14001 certified. We are dedicated to the ongoing improvement of our solutions, applying the highest level of quality monitoring to increase customer satisfaction.